Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Today I have begun the mammoth task of entering all the data from the questionnaires. I now have 198 questionnaires, and I await that magic 200 number and expect that to be reached today.

I have got a new database management programe, FileMaker Pro, but it looks like good old Excel is the way to start. I put in 14 data sets last night and I am wondering how many sets I can do in a day to get the 200 sets of data all in there. Then of course I have to analyse it all.........

My thoughts so far are these:

I can easily find out the most commonly answered question. ( I already know that, its "Deep down I feel alone, even among friends" and about 95% of respondents have made this an A answer. )

I can break the groups into five:

1. Twinless twins whose twin died after birth
2. Wombtwin survivors whose twin was stillborn.
3. Wombtwin survivors whose twin was miscarried and expelled from the womb
4 Wombtwin survivors whos twin remained alongside, gradually fading
5 Wombtwin survivors whose twin (or the stem cells at least) was taken up into the body of the survivor, "the twin within".

Within these groups I could compare monozygotic twin survivors with dizygotic twin survivors and also triplet survivors. However not many people are sure of the zygosity of their dead twin and even doctors tend to guess, so that would be a problematical division to make accurately.

An unexpected result is how many wombtwin survivors collect stuff, hold on to things and find it hard to let go of unfinished projects. That's a pretty clear womb story: lets hold on tight and not let go. I await that statistic with interest!

As for those statistical correlations , I'm stumped. Any mathematicians out there ready to lend a hand?

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