Sunday, February 18, 2007

Well! That was amazing. I got 20 secs on the midday news , the same in the evening and again early the following day. The result was a 1000 hit spike on the website and 25 forms completed that evening. In three days I have 47 new forms to look at. That brings the number of forms completed in this round (the fifth) to almost 200. This is good, the eventual data will be that much more compelling. And still the most characteristic response (98%) remains:

"Deep down, I feel alone, even among friends." That makes sense, in the circumstances.

There has also been some Google activity. My actual words (20 secs worth) have got onto a TV site, which is interesting! I've put a link in the links list to that.

I also spent some time on a site for sceptics: a VERY interesting, if a little bruising, experience! Sceptics seem to have a closed - minded, highly defensive approach to new knowledge. They seem to be very afraid of making fools of themselves , so they carp on and on about claims, post hoc thinking, evidence, double-blind studies, and peer review and all that stuff. They seem to want this all wrapped up, neat and tight, day one. They even got paranoid about why I was there at all, like I wanted an extra Google hit!! It was a real feeding frenzy. Fascinating. Not that I'm not doing all that scientific , of course. I've got to, in this terrified, cynical world.

I am slowly and reluctantly climbing on the scientific bandwagon, pushing paranoid sceptics to one side and trying to find highly respected individuals with a little clout to back up my story. I am creating a scholarly article (with 34 refs so far!) for a professional journal etc.etc. etc. So tedious when people everywhere are crying out for help and understanding.

Meanwhile, as I struggle on with this, 20 secs on ITN instantly calls forth 1000 hits and great cry for help from people who have always thought they once had a twin and here at last is someone who seems to believe them.

I wonder: are sceptics wombtwin survivors? That would be fun to explore! I know at least one, who at the very earliest stage (and knowing only a fraction of what I know) was happy to chuck the word "baloney" to me several times and seemed to want to fight me over it....I didn't. I don't play that game. Is this narcissism? I wonder. More later on that one!

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