Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A new anthology

Well a dream is being realised: at last I have been able to gather together some of the stories told to me by wombtwin survivors, into a new anthology, to be called "A silent Cry." These surviving twins describe the nature of their vanished twin; they talk about their feelings of loss and loneliness. The incidence of vanishing twin phenomenon is so high, that the substance of these stories is common enough. The most astonishing aspect of this book is that it will probably become tedious to read, as the stories are so consistent. Again and again, people describe that feeling of something missing; of searching; of feeling incomplete without their twin soul.

I am almost half way through collating the stories. I have received 350 forms altogether, many of them with a story attached. Some people don't want their story used, so that is of course respected. The other stories have been anonymised, so we know nothing of these individuals except their age and gender.

What stands out is the story of the Dream of the Womb, told again and again: a loss experienced before birth which leaves a vague, mysterious but indelible impression.

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