Sunday, March 06, 2011

How can you know if your child is a womb twin survivor?

Here is the list of characteristic signs commonly displayed by young womb twin survivors. This has been compiled from various studies and e-mail correspondence with womb twin survivors and their parents.

* My child is very sensitive to atmosphere
* My child does not like to sleep alone in the dark
* My child is unusually aware of how people are feeling
* My child has a rich, creative imagination
* My child talks a lot about death and dying
* My child loves animals and yearns for a pet
* My child is different from other children
* My child seems to have “been here before”
* My child has an imaginary friend
* My child is interested in spirituality
* My child often seems lost and alone
* My child is hypersensitive

Of course there may be ultrasound evidence. The little lost twins have often quite disappeared by 8 weeks or so, so its the assisted pregnancies that reveal the vanished twins more often, simply because they are so carefully monitored.

For example, on this pregnancy forum here:

Or when things get very confusing, because early ultrasounds are rarely clear  enough to work out what has happened

And that sense of being alone in the experience of losing one twin early in pregnancy.

No one thinks about the possible psychological consequences for the survivor, because the parents have to wait and watch the remaining baby grow and  see if all is well in the end.  Much later, by the age of two, it becomes clear that this baby is different in some way.  Then the parents visit the children's page on the web site and  we  begin discuss the issues.

Gradually, we are working together to find ways to help these children.  If you are the parent of a vanishing twin survivor, you may like to join in with our explorations.

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  1. well my mom said there was a dream that she had and there was two guns and she took one ( I know how odd right )
    I think when I was young I remember another person near my grandma and I was behind them and I was looking at them and they were turned around because they were making something
    I think that was a dream
    I wish I had a twin