Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The message : (1) Womb twin blogs and bloggers

Here begins a short series of blogs about aspects of the Womb Twin message.  One part of the message is this:

There are millions of womb twin survivors in the world. Most of them are unaware that they are, and those who do know of their twin do not realise that the prenatal loss of their twin has had a profound psychological effect on them. 

One favourite way to get any message to the world is to blog it, which is why I made a resolution on January 1st of this year to make a post here every day of 2011.  After 5 weeks, the number of visitors to this blog had doubled and look ready to triple within the next two months! Thank you, every one of you.  You are very welcome here and I look forward to your comments.

This is not the only womb twin blog, but so far at least, there is just one Twitter account.

There is a blog in the USA which features stories of interest to people in that country.  Also blogs in other countries [ see the full list of blogs here]

Here is a quote from the US blog home page:

Awareness of this condition becomes a clear explanation to what didn't make sense before. The current state of little or no awareness, combined with massive disbelief, creates a situation that is extremely disproportionate to the pain suffered by those who lost someone with whom they once shared a womb. They need not suffer alone just because society hasn't yet established proper recognition and understanding of this syndrome. Battling such a vague condition all alone is especially difficult when being alone is the problem to begin with!

The Womb Twin world blog has a large group of authors from countries throughout the world,  and posts in various languages.  If you are a womb twin survivor you can become an author on the world blog - we cant have too many authors for this!

Why have all these blogs?  It is a way to spread the world, get the message out. People like blogs because they are active and there is always something new to see , and it feels more "cutting edge" than a web site.

Blogging the message

Comments to this blog (and about this blog made elsewhere) seem to indicate that:

1 There is widespread scepticism about this among the 90% of the population who are NOT womb twin survivors.

2 Womb twin survivors find it affirming to read about themselves here and find something of their story in every blog post

How do you respond to this daily blog? Is this a good way to get the message out? Let me know either here or contact me via my web site, thank you.

Tomorrow we will explore some of the various womb twin web sites. Do you know of one? Please let me know if you find one.

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