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Vanishing twin - the movie, the book, the wiki page, the confusion....

The movie:

I don't know how I missed this movie!  It's called "Vanishing Twin" and was made in Korea in 2002.

'Vanishing Twin' is the medical term for a twin that died in the mother's womb. But it also has the psychological meaning of a basic fear-the other half to disappear. Following the traces of her sister's death, 'Yu-jin' finds herself yearning for her sister, whose charisma differs from Yu-jin's comfortable life. As she does this, Yu-jin begins fighting with herself. There might be, inside ourselves, a different self already dreaming a different dream. This different truth, which we cannot remember, is the motif for the film, "Vanishing Twin."

Yu-jin is a successful museum curator who leads a satisfying life with her husband and beautiful daughter, Min-ji. One day, she hears that her twin sister will be coming to town from the United States. She feels both excitement and trepidation at the same time. Seung-jin, her twin sister, is quite different from Yu-jin. She possesses a special charisma that Yu-jin and many other people find attractive. Yu-jin even admires her. As her arrival date approaches, Yu-jin cannot help but feel nervous. Her feelings are justified when her brother-in-law arrives alone bearing horrible news of her sister's suicide. Unlike Yu-jin who is devastated, her husband and friends are unusually calm.

And when her brother-in-law tries to seduce her, she feels a strange physical familiarity to him. Suffering from the aftermath of her sister's death, Yu-jin meets a stranger on the web who calls himself an art lover. He alludes to the suspicious circumstances surrounding Seung-jin's death and Yu-jin finds herself discovering her sister's past. Art lover awakens physical and psychological memories within Yu-jin that she never knew she possessed. Is she the vanishing twin? The answer to the puzzle lies within her.

The book:

We have books about vanished twins: here is one:

The wiki page

Vanishing twin seems to be a reasonable page, and you do see these words duplicated throughout the Internet:

A vanishing twin, also known as fetal resorption, is a fetus in a multi-gestation pregnancy which dies in utero and is then partially or completely reabsorbed by the mother or twin.[1]
The occurrence of this phenomenon is sometimes referred to as twin embolisation syndrome or vanishing twin syndrome (VTS), since the 1980s when twin pregnancies were made visible early on by means of ultrasound.
Occasionally, rather than being completely reabsorbed, the dead fetus will be compressed by its growing twin to a flattened, parchment-like state known as fetus papyraceus.[2]
If the fetus is absorbed completely, there are usually no further complications to the pregnancy, other than first trimester vaginal bleeding.[3] However, if the event occurs in the second or third trimester, serious complications may include premature labor, infection due to the death of the fetus, and hemorrhage. Even at the end of the pregnancy, a low-lying fetus papyraceus may block the cervix and require a cesarean to deliver the living twin.
The vanished twin can die owing to a poorly implanted placenta, a developmental anomaly that may cause major organs to fail or to be missing completely, or there may be a chromosome abnormality incompatible with life. Frequently the twin is a blighted ovum, one that never developed beyond the very earliest stages of embryogenesis.

The confusion

But when you read the discussion pages on Wikipedia you see the confusion:  (There was a page about womb twin survivors once, placed there by me,  and complete with references etc, but was soon removed and some of the detail merged with the vanishing twin page)

Read the discussion and notice the confusion.

Please will some one else put up an edit on the discussion page and maybe mention some of my books and articles, ( see bibliography here, just copy and paste) so it doesn't always sound like me plugging my own web site? 


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