Friday, June 10, 2011

The prebirth origins of co-dependent relationships (1)

If you ever wondered why people find it so hard to leave dysfunctional relationships, and indeed why those relationships are dysfunctional anyway, then consider the lost twin Dream of the Womb.

The womb twin hypothesis says this:

Womb twin survivors (ie the sole survivors of a twin or multiple pregnancy) seem to spend their lives re-enacting the life and death of their womb twin. Nothing appears to be more important than that, even life itself. Once the real pre-birth scene, which is being constantly re-enacted, is made clear, then the re-enactment tends to diminish or cease altogether, greatly to the benefit of the individual.

Just take a look at these three images, which are extracts from my Womb Twin presentation for workshops and conferences.

This clash of Dreams must lead to big trouble!

So now we know, what is the way out?  See tomorrow's blog for details.....

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