Saturday, June 11, 2011

The prebirth origins of codependent relationships (2) the end of the dance

In his book "Codependence: the dance of the wounded souls"  Robert Burney says:

"Emotionally we are drawn to people who feel familiar on an
energetic level. That is, people who, on an emotional vibrational
level, resonate with us as being familiar. It feels to us as if we
have a strong connection to those people. In other words, we
have an inner radar system that causes us to be attracted to
people who resonate vibrationally in a way that is familiar on an
emotionally intimate level. We are attracted to people whose
inner emotional dynamic is similar to our most powerful and
earliest experience of emotional intimacy and love - our

If I hear one more word about how emotional wounding is to do with parents - I will scream! 

 Burney got close, but not close enough. Co-dependency is not an attempt to heal a childhood wound but rather to keep the pain alive from a prebirth wound. The missing fact is the missing twin. Then it all  makes sense.
A co dependent relationship constantly reenacts the pre-birth relationship with the lost twin - in all it's initial delight and final tragic separation. It is a self-inflicted wound.

This dance of death must end. It must be understood by both parties as a  uterine memory and both parties can then stop hurting themselves and beating themselves up.  (And possibly each other.)

Let your twin be your twin and your partner be your partner - that's the way.

Picking at a sore  does not let it heal. The healing comes quite naturally when you stop picking at it. We are designed as  self healing organisms, and healing comes when we stop blocking it.

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