Friday, July 15, 2011

Fred and George Weasley - when one twin dies - need help?

The premier of the final part of the Harry Potter is out today.  It is no secret that one of the Weasley twins dies in the final battle.  The death of one twin, and the survivor weeping over the body of his brother laid out in the Great hall of Hogwarts, will no doubt trigger a wave of grief among womb twin survivors, particularly the males who lost an identical twin brother, long before they were born - or perhaps around the time of their birth.

Many of these people may not understand why they are so terribly upset by events in a fictional film  - but they may be weeping for more than the character on the screen; their grief may be a genuine feeling of loss, which is completely their own.

If you have been weeping because of the death of Fred Weasley,  and you can't understand why it has been so hard for you to get over it, you may be a womb twin survivor. In that case, your tears today may be the start of an amazing journey of discovery and healing.

This is the journey you may choose to make with the help of  the material on my web site:

Complete the questionnaire - this will set you thinking about your own situation and will help me with my research at the same time. I also provide free confidential email follow-up as my thanks to you.

Read the books: there are several to choose from:

  • UNTWINNED  Articles by various experts about the death of a twin before or around birth.
  • A SILENT CRY  70 womb twin survivors telling their stories
  • WOMB TWIN SURVIVORS A comprehensive review of the womb twin survivors research project - the medical and psychological signs that are characteristic of womb twin survivors, fully illustrated and with lots of real quotations by womb twin survivors.
  • A healing path for womb twin survivors e-book ( PDF).  (each of the 30 steps is being covered each day of July in this blog)  

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