Sunday, July 17, 2011

Healing (16) Being male in a female kind of way

Evolution of sex differences
If we look at the last million years of evolution during which humans have lived as hunter-gatherers, the last eight thousand years or so which saw the first signs of civilisation were only a few minutes ago in terms of geological time. Men and women are still expressing in the way they live their lives the characteristics that have prevailed for millennia and have enabled the human species to thrive.
Regardless of the events of history and the rise of civilisation, male and female energy is still used according to the biological role of the man and the woman. The formula that works and has stood the test of time for many thousands of generations is this: the woman bears and raises the children, the man protects the woman and children from danger, fights battle on their behalf and is prepared to risk his life for the family. The woman is always busy in and near to the home with preparing food, teaching the children about society and keeping the home together. The man goes out from the home- often covering huge distances which he navigates with ease, and obtains food and goods to nourish and protect his family.
Whether you like it or not, this is the arrangement that works best in a family.

Gender confusion
There seems to be a clear connection between wombtwin survivor syndrome and gender confusion. The developing embryo is exquisitely sensitive to the slightest change in the womb environment, and the gender of the other twin, however briefly it may have been present, may also have been perceptible.
If you search your own life and character for signs of gender confusion then you may detect a deep-seated impression of a womb twin of the opposite sex, whose gender you are expressing in the way you choose to use your gender energy.
A travesty of a female
If you are man who prefers to express your male energy in a female kind of way, that will never make you into a woman. All you can ever be is a travesty of a male: a man dressed at a woman. Now the word “ travesty” may seem unkind, because it is ridiculous; something to be ashamed of. Is this another shame trip, born out of survivor guilt?
Furthermore, if in our society the male is the dominant “alpha” sex, why would any man risk ridicule by seeking to imitate a “beta” female unless they were trying to keep alive their own female “beta” wombtwin? Only when we understand this, does it all make sense.
Male energy turned female
There are a variety of ways in which some men (possibly including you) express their male energy in a female kind of way.
A strong will
Absolute resistance to change, stubbornness in getting your own way and simply being outrageously antisocial are not gender specific, women can be like this too. Now if a woman is determined to get her own way she is more successful by being subtle. The male using female energy is also subtle: he gradually and insidiously and stirs up rage in everyone else, particularly the women in his life, who angrily set about reforming him. He remains innocent, the mild mannered “victim” of this seemingly unwarranted female abuse.
Passive aggression
The male using female energy chooses not to be aggressive, active or dominant. Instead he finds ways to make other people aggressive, active and dominant so that he can remain a “sweet unassuming kind of man.” This way he keeps his wombtwin sister alive.
The abdication of power
For a man, the loss of his male power is the most terrifying thing that can happen, but the male carrying female energy on behalf of a wombtwin sister is prepared to abdicate his strong, aggressive male power and let someone else take control. Deep down, he despises himself for being so weak, but he feels that he cant help being like that. After all if he had the power he could take control, but he has none. He gave it all away.
Man in a female role
If you always do the washing up that doesn’t make you a woman, but being everyone’s servant or obsessing about cleanliness in the home or compulsive shopping for food or clothes is taking the female energy a bit too far. Likewise, extremely long hair, hypochondria or wishing that you could bear a child yourself is identifying a little too much with that female presence from deep down inside your Dream of the Womb. When at last you let go and wake up, you will reclaim your own male power.

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