Tuesday, September 13, 2011

DZ womb twin survivors - on being two

DZ womb twin survivors love to be one of a pair. They love two-ness. As children they may show a preoccupation with twins, or tend to frequently point out " two things the same". Later they may discover a great love of symmetry or balance. They may seek out opposite extremes to complete their lives or they may like to have two the same of what they like, such as two cats, two cars or two computers. In partnership they may prefer to work with someone who is the opposite of themselves or be deeply attracted to someone born on the same day or with the same name. They love to discover sameness with their friends or relations.
Need for a soul mate
In babyhood DZ womb twin survivors  constantly mutter or sing to themselves, and may have an imaginary friend if they are an only child. As children they are good communicators. They may be unhappy at the thought of not having friends but sometimes their eagerness to make friends drives people away and they spend a lot of time by themselves looking on. If they learn to charm people or make them laugh, they will make good use of that skill wherever they can.

The adult DZ womb twin survivor is diminished in power if he or she lives and works alone. If he or she learns to form a partnership then they can both can be fully-functioning, using the partnership itself as a way to bring forth the full creative potential of both parties. Adult DZ womb twin survivors may spend hours talking to themselves in order to solve a problem, but to them creative bliss is close contact with a creative friend and the joy of seeing something emerge in discussion that is greater than either of them could achieve alone.

DZ survivors can relate easily to very similar people or absolute opposites. The easiest people for them to relate to are other DZ womb twin  survivors. They sniff each other out in crowds and even at bus stops and are quickly to be found deep in conversation at an intimate level.

Split personality
DZ womb twin survivors often joke about this. The two-ness they love is expressed inwardly in the way they live and behave. For example they may be very different at home and among their family from how they are at work. This may be confusing for them: they seem to have two very contrasting sides to their personality and they tend not to be sure which is "me" and which is "not me". In their frantic rush through life they find it remarkably easy if necessary to sit still and quiet, drawing on a little used part of themselves to do this. They are often very patient people with a strong capacity for endurance. They may talk about "a strong inner life" that enables them to suffer pain, long periods of forced inactivity or solitude.

An interesting slant  is that some DZ womb twin survivors gain a lot of weight and change shape entirely as a result, only to lose it again and "become another person." This may be repeated several times. Some people may gain and lose half their body weight. Some people who carry their weight on their stomach joke about "looking pregnant. " There may be a link here with the desire to hold on to a womb twin.

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