Friday, September 02, 2011

MZ womb twin survivors: The missing half

When you see living twins, there is no doubt that they are well adapted to having each other around.  This video shows how  twins don't necessarily disturb each other and one may cry and wiggle about while the other continues to sleep.

As in the womb, so in life. The twins regard each other as simply part of the Way Things Are. They have been together since they were aware of anything at all.

The sole survivor, left alone when their monozygotic twin dies, is used to there being two.

As Julie Rae wrote in her poem, that introduces part one of Womb Twin survivors -The lost twin in the Dream of the Womb:

As I pushed through
into this bright, noisy world alone
there should have been two
there should have been you...
I miss you.
Do you have a sense of being only half?
 Do you seek out a Best Friend to make you feel complete?
Do you feel stronger when there is somone else around who is very similar to you?
Do you always notice identical twins  and  feel a pang of longing?

If you do, you may be a monozygotic womb twin survivor and your twin is still, even  years later, part of the Way Things Are.

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  1. hey, at first I thought the wiggling baby cries BECAUSE the other half is sleeping...