Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A healing path (4) relationships - self isolation

If you are a womb twin survivor, you have been re-enacting your Dream of the Womb in your relationships with other people.  A particular way to prevent yourself having a full life is to deny yourself any contact with others at all.  Self-isolation is a brilliant way to prevent any further betrayals and losses happening in what feels like the "dangerous world of born life. "

Let us wander through the Thesaurus and find some ways to self-isolate :

You live apart, split from your friends, by yourself, cut off from your companions.
You are desolate, detached, disconnected, discrete and disunited.
You are different, divergent and probably divorced, maybe more than once.
You feel empty, estranged and friendless.
You feel left behind, the lone twin, separated and single.
You feel as if you must always be solo and unaccompanied.

You are always abroad, never at home, alienated and detached.
You feel distinct and distinguished  by being exceptional and exclusive.
You are a hermit - inaccessible,  individualistic
You are special - matchless, peerless and opinionated,
You feel ostracized, outcast and remote and shunned,
You are solitary but superior, unequaled and unrivaled
You are travelling light but unattached, without ties
You are unique, untypical, and unusual - some may call you vain.....

You are aloof, keeping people at arm's length
You are cut off for everyone,  disassociated and distant,
You are free, far-off and independent
You are inward-looking, insular  and introverte
You are an isolate, living like a lone wolf
You are remote, removed, separate, apart from others
You are single, a sole survivor, unaccompanied and unapproachable.

Which one are you?


  1. I feel like I'm a combination of all three.

  2. Perhaps, and the theory is that you have created that sense of isolation to keep your Dream alive......

  3. since I know about my twin I debauch in self-isolation instead of beginning to heal...and I am definetely the "divided and disconnected" type ( I´ve always had long-distance realtionships)...

  4. So self isolation is self sabotage? Interesting. I wonder why you would do that to yourself?

  5. I see myself in the third description. What difference is there between the clarifications you made?

  6. Althea, I do that because I hate myself...more than ever before...

  7. Self hate is a function of survivor guilt. Maybe you need to work on that.

  8. Dear Althea, and how do you suggest working on that?

  9. It's a matter of self forgiveness, for the terrible sin of being alive..... There will be a blog post about this soon, and it's in the healing path e-book.