Friday, November 25, 2011

A healing path (4) What is YOUR favourite way to relate?

What is your favourite way to relate to others?

 1) A leader, triggering others into action

2)  A follower, stimulated by other people's ideas

3)  A loner, standing apart looking on

4)  The life and soul of the party, in the midst of the group

5 ) The partner, sharing everything equally with one other person at a time

6)   The clinger, who never leaves, never lets go, always stays close

7) The isolate, who knows no intimacy with anyone

Are these styles ways of keeping alive different Dreams of the Womb? I wonder....

I believe that knowing your favourite ways to relate to others can tell you about your very first relationship, which was with your womb twin ( or other womb mates.)

Your first lesson in love was not with your mother, however wonderful  or terrible she may have been. The womb twin survivor gets a lesson in relationships before he or she ever sees the light of day.

And being a womb twin survivor is a complicated thing - the twinless twin, whose twin was born alive but died  after birth,  experiences a very different reaction to the womb twin survivor whose twin died in the womb  or close to birth.

There are differences also between womb twin survivors whose two died early on in pregancy  and those whose twin died close to birth.

Again there are differences between a womb twin survivor whose twin was developing normally amd was responsive - if only for a while - and the womb twin survivor whose twin never developed a fully functioning brain.

In my new book "A healing path" I will explore this is detail.  There will be a whole set of chapters devoted to how womb twin survivors create a style of relationship for themselves that most accurately reflects their Dream of the Womb.

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