Friday, November 18, 2011

STOP PRESS ! A new idea for Christmas!

We have a new fundraising idea for the Womb Twin  Fund - a way to display the emails you get for Christmas that remain on your computer and are not displayed, simply because they are too cumbersome to print out and put up somewhere for everyone to see, alongside all the other Christmas cards.

But we have the answer!  An e-card display set!

We have made a set of golden cards and colourful stickers that are easy to assemble into a display, which that will hang on the wall with your other Christmas cards, showing the names of everyone who remembered you at Christmas.

All proceeds will go to our Womb Twin Fund, so do take a look at this page on the Womb Twin site and learn more. These sets are not available anywhere else, the idea is completely new. 

Be the first to astonish your friends with a our set of golden cards and little pegs, all held together in a neat wallet, enough for three Christmases and only £3.50!

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