Saturday, February 25, 2012

Same sex attraction and the vanished twin (2)

Being gay is a problem, because it means you are different from other people and you are making unusual choices, like not fulfilling your genetic potential as a man or a woman, and that means having children and rearing them in a male- female household.   IT may be that being gay is also a choice, as was made clear by Cynthia Nixon, who said, "I have been straight and I have been gay but gay is better."
This caused quite a stir because   it is important politically that gay people are as such because they are made that way and the way they are made is not a matter of choice. An interesting debate.  But if we loo at it  from the point of view of womb twin survivors, we can see another influence at work - the bisexual.

How it is possible for there to be some genetic cause for bisexuality? The only way for that to be true is if you are a chimera, and have the DNA of a male and a female in your body.  Now we have discussed chimeras before and there is one type of DNA that dominates, so that for example if you are a chimera and you have the body of a man, complete with normal sexual equipment, you would be considered a man, and vice versa.

But a chimera is a womb twin survivor.  It goes something like this: (image from my new book)
two separate morulae,         one begins to disintegrate          the cells are combined.

So if you are a male with female DNA, what may that do to your sense of your own gender?  You may find yourself in a relationship with someone of the opposite sex and the relationship doesnt work so well because there are as it were two females in the marriage.  One way to redress the balance may be to be the "woman" in a  male-male partnership.  IF a male female chimera also had a twin of the same sex, then a same sex partnership with one party taking the opposite sex role would be the ideal way to balance out the gender energy. In my small experience of gay couples,  there are two people of the same sex but one behaves like the woman and one like the man.

This is a choice, made to balance out the inner energies. The question is,  would that couple be happier in a hetero sexual relationship? Maybe -  if they found a womb twin survivor with the  opposite balance of energies, and they would be able to compliment each other.  Like this:
(another image from my new book, which will have a chapter about balancing male and female energy)

Any thoughts, anyone? Comments welcomed.

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