Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Two little birds: a new book available soon!

Two Little Birds  
An illustrated story book for the youngest womb twin survivors

The story of two little birds, Birdy and Beakie, who hatched out of the same egg. Beakie is just that little bit weaker than Birdy, and when it is time to learn to fly, Beakie needs some help from Birdy.
Beaky never does manage to fly alone. Soon all that can be seen of Beaky is a little white feather, lying among the flowers. That feather becomes very important to Birdy. Then one day, Birdy has an idea. It is time for Beaky to go home.......

A Stage One story book for young womb twin survivors. For parents to read with their children, but children with a reading age of about 7 could read this on their own. The book includes some explanatory notes about how parents can use this story to start a discussion about the lost twin, particularly if is the first time that this has ever been discussed.

The illustrations were specially commissioned for this book. They are oil paintings by Rara Schlitt who is an artist living in Maryville, Tennessee, USA.


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