Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Womb twin story: I was born with a caul

I was born in Aug of 1950, just 12 days after my mother's 30th birthday. The pregnancy as I understand was a fairly routine one. My mother had gone to a specialist for this pregnancy and felt very confident. I'm not sure in what trimester, but the doctor told my mother that she was expecting twin boys, what a surprise I must have been.

My mother's labor was routine, until during a contraction she thought she had delivered the baby in the bed.  When the nurse arrived in the room she saw what had really happened, my mother had delivered an intact amniotic sac that was empty.  The nurse called some student nurses into the room to take a look, apparently it was something rare at that time. They must have taken my mother to the delivery room than so that I could be delivered by the doctor.  When I was born I was a healthy baby, but I was born with a caul over my head and face.

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