Monday, May 07, 2012

Got a question about womb twin survivors?

If you have  a question about womb twin survivors, it may be that the answer is already available.  See the Frequently Asked Questions page on my web site.

Here are the questions and answers so far:

Where can I buy books about womb twin survivors?
 They can be purchased via Wren Publications or any bookshop. [here]

Should I worry if my child is a womb twin survivor?
You will find some information and advice on the Womb Twin Kids web site. [here]

What is the difference between a womb twin survivor and an early loss twinless twin?
There is no difference. They are one and the same. It's just a matter of what name to call it when your twin died in the womb or around birth.

My personal privacy is important to me. I want to tell you my story but I don't want it to be published in any way. What is your privacy policy?
I don't sell or pass on email addresses to anyone. Stories are only used where permission is given. If any material is sent anonymously I take this as an implied permission for the material to be used. If you need further reassurance about your story, please email me.

What makes you think you are a womb twin survivor?
I have no proof, and about half the people who contact me don't have proof, or have no one to ask. I know that I am a womb twin survivor like I know my own name. It's as profound and real as that. My story is the epilogue in "A Silent Cry: womb twin survivors tell their stories". [Read it here.]

Got another question? Ask away!

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