Saturday, July 21, 2012

A dermoid cyst or teratoma: is my twin inside me?

One of the most controversial aspects of the research I have been doing for the last ten years is the issue of the enclosed twin. This can be a dermoid cyst, a teratoma or a fetus in fetu. There is little doubt about the fetus in fetu, because it can be clearly seen that the body of a twin is trying to develop, and the teratoma doesn't seem to be too difficult to accept as a partially developed twin either.

It's the dermoid cyst that is causing the trouble. I have very few medical references to quote on this subject. But people keep sending me their stories.......
A dermoid cyst on the ovary: Is this an enclosed twin?

Here is an example from the USA:

I'm not sure how it happened. Last year I became very ill. At first my stomach was just getting bigger and I honestly thought it was due to my period. But soon I noticed that it was not going away and I began to look like I was a few weeks pregnant.  It got so bad to the point were I was hungry but was not able to eat anything! I got pale and felt like fainting. I would also want to throw up but all that came out was air or acid from my stomach.  I went to the ER were they gave me a cat scan and told me I had a cyst. They said had to have a surgery by the next day. They also found out it was attached to my ovary and had grown enough to cover my stomach and it was pushing all my organs up! When everything passed they called me, telling me that they had sent my cyst to a lab and found hair, brain tissue, bone tissue and other things.... is this my lost twin?..I just don't understand how that got there. Please help.

There is help, if you have a dermoid cyst or a teratoma. There is my book, Womb Twin Survivors the result of seven years of research, which contains everything you ever wanted to know about womb twins and how it feels to be the sole survivor of a twin or multiple pregnancy.

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 There is also a healing path in 30 steps, available as a free ebook.
That should set you onto a good path.

There is always Womb Twin,  which was founded in 2007 to help womb twin survivors around the world.  Visit their web site and find out about the conference and the other services they offer.


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  1. Being a WTS, and my twin a foetus papyraceous, and having a 'cyst' removed from my left iliac crest when I was 18yrs (teratoma), as well as giving birth to twin girls at 20yrs old, then a son at 29yrs, and a daughter at 33yrs, I have found this book to be very informative, with explanations and answers to so many questions which rush through most WTS's minds. I definitely advise that this is a MUST READ for all Womb Twin Survivors. I am rereading it and learning even more now!