Saturday, September 15, 2012

The search for the lost womb twin

This poem is my attempt to describe how it felt to be endlessly searching, on a journey that never seemed to end.


The journey is the meaning and the footsteps make the road....

I found my womb twin and I am no longer searching.  If this is your story, do not despair - there is hope and healing.


  1. Could you please explain what you mean by you have found your womb twin? Or are you referring to healing from the wound?

  2. I discovered what the problem was - I had witnessed the death of my twin before birth - I worked out that he was male, developing normally until he was miscarried. I named him, gave him a funeral and let him go. I dedicated the whole womb twin project to his memory. Five years later I found that had had healed of all the psychological effects, and I had been through a kind of healing process - that process is the basis of the next book "A healing path for womb twin survivors" due out on November. It works for everyone, with certain adaptations for different kinds of twinning.