Tuesday, October 09, 2012

The end of the healing path competition

Well, no one won it. Shame about that, but I will create some special offers, just for the people who entered the competition.  (If that is you, I'll be in touch by email in the next few days.)

More about this book
285 pages, price £12
For those who would like to know what was the correct order of the chapters, here it is:

1. Understanding self isolation

2. Realising your true nature

3. Reflecting on your true potential

4 Discovering something missing

5. Understanding your strong feelings

Here is the entire contents:


Stage One: The journey begins
1. Your Dream of the Womb
2. A matter of life and death
3. How crazy are you?
4. Self-sabotaging behaviour
5. A matter of choice?

Stage Two: Living the Dream

6. Self-isolation
7. Duality
8. Your unrealised potential
9. Something missing
10. Your emotional life

Stage Three: Ways to heal your life

11. Making friends with your Black Hole
12. Bridging the Alpha-Beta gap
13. Maintaining your personal boundary
14. Healing shame
15. Resistance to healing
16. Building a healing bond

Stage Four: Three pathways to healing

17. Twin myths as an aid to healing
18. Two eggs, single sex
19. Two eggs, opposite sexes
20. Two chorions, one egg
21. Single chorion, one egg
22. Single sac, one egg
23. Multiple

Stage Five: Awakening from the Dream

24. From grief to growth
25. From helplessness to hope
26. From stress to serenity
27. From captivity to courage
28. From poverty to privilege
29. From victim to victor
30. Onward

Epilogue: Out of the box


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