Thursday, October 11, 2012

What is a twinless twin? They ask....

I found the Wise Geek, web site, and they were talking about twin-less twins. Interesting discussion.

See the discussion here

Here is a sample:
My parents deny I'm a twin, but all the rest of the family have been told except for me. I have always believed I was a twin and felt empty and still do.

I was adopted along with my older brother as a child, so I have only found out in the last few days that I definitely was a twin through other family members, but they don't know the details. My brother believes my twin died as a baby.

I also have a fear of mirrors and have borderline personality disorder and now possibly a brain tumor. Where and how can I get the proof without my parents knowing? I have also lost my twin girls and one of my twin boys who has grown up with behavioural and other problems. Can anyone give me advice? I apologise now in case I offend anyone. That's never my intention. I just need your help. Thank you and I hope you all stay strong.
I do wish that more people knew about how womb twin survivors  can be healed and they don't have to feel empty, ignored and afraid any more!

If you have a moment, please put up comments on this discussion that will bring hope to the dozen of people who posted there!   

This is the web site

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