Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Womb twin stories - when we found out.....

I was so happy to find out about this, all the pieces of the puzzle fit and I finally understand the meaning of a poem I wrote a long time ago:

Underneath the surface”

Fine on the outside,
heart aching
I blink away another tear,
Hope tomorrow will be better

Even though my tears have gone
I still see the world in a blur
My life passes by, day by day,
But somehow it doesn’t feel real

I dig a whole, crush a window
Get on a plane, change how I look
Try to find a way to release myself
From this pain that I’m feeling,
But it won’t go away

Still I’m brave on the outside
I smile and do as I’m told
I build a wall around myself
Yet feel it crumbling down

I look around...see happy faces
No worries, no doubts...just be
Hope one day I can also feel,
How happiness rushes over me.

Why its important for parents to tell their child about their twin

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