Friday, December 28, 2012

Womb Twin story: I would pretend I had a twin

As a little kid, I was always wanted a twin... I knew it didn't seem right that it was just me. I had my older brother, who I did always love, but something just didn't seem right. I would always think that I was born a twin but my mom didn't want 2 of me and sent one away.

 Then as I got older, I noticed that every time I would see a set of twins my mind would go racing at how cool that thought would be to have a twin beside me all the time. I would always go to the bathroom mirror, which had three different moving mirrors on it. And I would move one so I could see 2 reflections and then I would just pretend I had a twin. Each reflection had a different personality.

As years passed I just never felt comfortable being alone in a big place with other people. I just wanted to be by myself.

But at the age of 16 I discovered 'Vanishing Twin syndrome' in an article online. I just had the most overwhelming feeling that hit me and I knew that this had happened to me. After reading up on this Syndrome for a couple of weeks I found out that many left handed people are vanishing twins. I myself who is left-handed only reassured myself further.

After discovering more about this, I talked to my mother who said that she too had always felt that I was supposed to be more than 1 baby. I told her all my worries and concerns and she the told me that twins run in our family, every 3rd generation in fact. She said that her and her siblings were in line, for at least one of them, to have twins. And not one of them did.

She then explained that during her very first ultra-sound for me the doctor told her that she might have just conceived twins but he was not sure so early in the pregnancy. Here I am now, 18 years old. Writing this and explaining 'My Story' to you.

I still feel that emptiness inside of me that I can never really explain fully. But it's good to know that I have answers.

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