Thursday, January 10, 2013

The healing begins with this book.....

I wrote the first healing path  in 2004, and it is now a free e-book.  There are 30 steps to healing described in it, but it is now out of date.

Since then I have been researching deeply into how it feels to be a womb twin survivor, mainly by asking people to tell me their stories but also by means of a questionnaire.  Over 1000 people have come forward to complete this questionnaire and as a result we now have a clearer idea of what the major difficulties are for womb twin survivors, and these results were published last year in my book "Womb Twin Survivors - the lost twin in the Dream of the Womb".

 This book contains all you could ever wish to know about the loss of a twin before or around birth and how it impacts on the sole survivor. It is essential reading for womb twin survivors, in order to fully understands the biological basis for how they feel inside - their Dream of the Womb.

The healing may have begun for you already, the day you discovered what has been wrong all your life.  Try and get hold of this book - its available online or direct from me. It's an excellent start to 2013, which could be your year of healing, if you decide now to make a start!

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