Saturday, March 02, 2013

Step 2 : The reality of your "Twin Flame" shows when the relationship breaks down

There is a vast amount of information on the internet about "twin flame" couples.

They are couples who feel a magnetic pull towards each other that is almost mystical, and hence entire spirituality has been created around this idea, in an attempt to explain the extraordinary intense desire for union and the terrible pain of separation. Well in the absence of any awareness of what happens when womb twin survivors find each other and become surrogate twins to each other. It follows of course that if that relationship breaks down, then into your Black Hole you go and re-experience the original death of your twin. We know that as fast as we feel drawn towards our surrogate twins to recreate that original twin union, we also re-enact the breaking of that bond, and wonder why we are unable to maintain a loving relationship.

This video is a brave attempt to explain the pain of relationships that split in this way, made by a man who has absolutely no idea that what he is describing is one of the ways in which the relationship between two womb twin survivors may be expressed, in order to reenact for each their individual Dream of the Womb.

Here is a much simpler explanation, without all that special vocabulary......

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