Friday, July 05, 2013

Pre-birth learning - is it true?

The latest evidence, we are told, that science has produced recently,  via a scientific project called "fetal origins" is that learning begins in the womb. Gosh. Any womb twin survivor  could tell you that, in detail.

Sadly, no mention of the lost twin. Lots about rubber nipples and so forth, but no interview with  an adult womb twin survivor about their Dream of the Womb.

I guess this is progress, though.  We womb twin survivors must stay positive, even while we are totally ignored and overlooked....

Scientists often spend decades proving the obvious, and when they can provide replicable results from experiment that the obvious is true after all, they claim that they have made a "discovery."

Wrong. We knew already, but no one listened....... understanding and patience, that's the way forward.


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