Wednesday, July 03, 2013

The importantce of fetal life - fetal origins of core beliefs

In my quest to find useful therapies for womb twin survivors, I have discovered BODY TALK and I am in contact with a practitioner to learn more.

Here is  John Velheim's video about Body Talk.

He says:
Classically, the formative years are the first few years of life (birth to age 4) in which we adopt the majority of our belief systems that eventually define our character and influence our reaction to life. Recently, however, it seems that many of these belief systems also stem from our experience during fetal life.

Yet another heath practioner discovering the critical importance of life before birth.  Pre and perinatal psychology has been in existence for more than 70 years, but only recetly has is this crucial stage of life being taken seriously.  The ultrasound scan, and  in particular the 4D ultrasound scan, has opened up the world of the womb to people who never truly understood what really goes on during pregnancy. A highly-educated friend of mine ( she studied modern languages, not biology) once said - and truly believed - that as far as she was concerned her three-month fetus was "just a blob of cells."

Here is a 4D image of that "blob of cells."

And here - because you will like this - are twins at 11 weeks.

Womb twin survivors do not need to be told how amazing and responsive the fetus is and how critical to our development and life as adults our life in the womb was for us.

Let it be known throughout the world that if anyone wants to say ignorant things like : "life begins at birth" or worse still, " memory begins at 3 years old", need only to ask a womb twin survivor.

We know all about it.

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