Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Story 28: I had a split personality

I am almost 40 years old, and over the last couple years my dad was seeing a friend for help. I knew for a long time that I was supposedly a twin, but my twin never fully developed. My parents always said as I got older that I had a split personality.

Just a couple days ago I finally went to see there friend and found out that she sensed and found what everyone called vanishing twin syndrome. My experience with her was amazing, I felt a load of pressure off my shoulders. After further reading I have found that I had way more symptoms that I could even imagine. I have always had a feeling of loss, not sure if I wanted to live or die, I am ambidextrous, hurting my relationships, crying so hard over things that were so simple.

 I never felt like i really felt like I had a place anywhere, talking to myself as I had a friend with me, changing my mind all the time, letting anger get the best of me in some situations, changing my attire from very girly to being a tomboy. That happens a lot. Mood swings that are not controllable, sense of not knowing what to do next. and the list goes on. Everyday I tell myself that I am worthy of the best and follow the instruction of the family friend and hope that everyday things will get better...


More information about womb twin survivors and "vanished" twins

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