Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Story 6: My father told me

During my childhood I met many twins at school and I always felt like I was like them without having a twin sister. My father told me that I was once one of a twin, when I was on holiday with him when I was twelve.
I was so surprised that it was true and that I was right from the start. I answered that I already new I had a twin sister because I somehow knew. I did not know how or why.

A lot of years went ahead and now I am finishing university. During my life I have always felt alone and different but I did not know why because I didn't believe I could miss someone who I'd never met.

Now I am older and talking to some people about being a twin survivor and it made me realise that all my life I have been second guessing myself and thinking of what my other sister would have done. In times that I feel bad, I would have loved to have someone who really understands me as my family and friends in general don't, at least that is what I believe.

Now I am trying to figure out what life means to me and how I can be myself without wanting to be like a superwoman without any weaknesses as that is not a possible way of living I have experienced. Life continues and so does my life story, hopefully this way my life will be better.

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