Saturday, September 14, 2013

The NET practitioner told me about my twin

"I have spent tens of thousands on therapies and doctors to find out what is wrong with me...after 20 years of dead ends, I finally found an NET practitioner who boldly told me I am a surviving twin. My life has changed in the blink of an eye, mostly for the better. I am now looking for ways to think about this and fully embrace who I can be now that I have the missing piece of the puzzle."

This was sent to me recently by one of the many people ( including me) who have had their life changed in an instant by a simple explanation for their feelings and general attitude to life.

This is why we have Womb Twin. We are the voice of womb twin survivors across the world.

Has your life been changed in the same way? You can show your support for or work by becoming an associate of Womb Twin.

Its free of charge and it make a differnce.

Join us today!

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(Of course its natural to be sceptical, but the day comes when you can't deny it any more........)

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