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Debunking the womb twn theory- please help!

I saw this on a TOP SECRET forum  with many posters who were highly educated in psychology:

Can you help by making some comments here about your own experiences? Thanks.
posted on Nov, 1 2011 @ 03:37 PM
Althea Hayton, expert of Vanishing Twin Syndrome psychological effects on the survivors, claims that 1 of 8 of pregnancies started as twins.
Also, that unaware survivor twins, that were born as singleton and as such, are believed to be singleton, develop during infancy and life, some behavioral and psychological issues like anorexia, depression, and such things, that can be linked to the loss of their twin in the womb.
Some survivors even claim that they remember things which happened in the womb, and this is scientifically impossible.

I would like to have a doctor expert in pregnancies that could post some sources to debunk the possibility for survivor twins whose parents are unaware of their loss of a twin, to actually develop such issues.
I want to be said that the percentage for survivors twins is not 1 of 8, because that would mean they are everywhere.

Vanishing Twin Syndrome may be a reality, but people who lost a twin CAN'T and SHOULDN'T develop depression issues even when unaware. They should be just fine, since they can't remember the trauma of loss.

I am afraid that that blog of Althea Hayton looks like a weird cult where people think they lost a twin, I've spoken with some members of the facebook group and some say their parents never thought they lost a twin, but they, as survivors , believe that. Could they be inventing things to solve their issues?

Is there some medically proven source about this issues for survivor twins?

Sorry for this thread, but I feel it is important

 For your reference, the 1 in 8 citation is this;

 Boklage C.E. (1990) Survival probability of human conceptions from fertilization to term. International journal of fertility Mar- Apri; 35  p.75 -94

Thanks for your help. If you would kindly post on the forum I have linked to, that would be even better!

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