Friday, October 04, 2013

Womb twin survivors and vitamin B12

 I was sent this by Alfred Austermann, who has many years of exerience of working with womb twin survivors.....
 Lack of energy, of concentration, tendency of depression and anxiety ?

B12 is an essential water-soluble vitamin necessary for functions such as DNA synthesis, red blood cell production and proper nerve function. It is required to create an insulation layer between the nerves like insulation between wires in an electric circuit. Damage of insulation material can provoke short circuits.

For metabolizing B12 the body needs an intrinsic factor (IF) that is produced in the stomach. The pure substance is not integrated in the body without this. Even if someone takes enough of B12 carrying substances it does not necessarily mean that the body metabolizes sufficient quantities oft this substance. The intrinsic factor can diminish with old age and with traumatic experiences during lifetime.  For some people who have suffered the deep trauma of the loss of a twin in early in pregnancy in the womb, the IF can be too little to be effective.

We have found good results in providing supplementary B12 by injection (methylcobalamine) or by highly dosed B12 dietary supplement like Instant Energy B 12 by NOW products (USA) This consists of 3 forms of B 12 plus other vitamins: cyanocobalamine, hydroxocobalamine, methylcobalamine. Some forms are easier to metabolize for some people.

Many clients and us ourselves have a lot more energy since we take some B12 from time to time.
We highly recommend this to all solitary bereaved twins  – womb twins as Althea calls them

NOTE from Althea
I started taking one 5000 mg tablet per day of methylcobalamine sublingually (under my tongue) in early June this year. The results have been life-changing!  My energy is high and my appetite much more normal. Try it for a month - you have noting to lose but your endless fatigue!

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