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Tuesday, July 01, 2014

The IVF children: all womb twin survivors?

IVF has some strange effects of which we should all be aware.

An article here describes how fraternal win can develop inside the same sac, That is somethng that is normally characteristic of identical twins, but more common in IVF.  The effect of this is a shared blood supply, leading to blood chimeism and two types of blood can internix.
Blood group chimera may also cause confusion if a blood transfusion is necessary. Therefore, sufficient informed consent prior to ART and genetic counseling before/after birth are absolutely necessary for improved quality of life.  more....
 But most of all, most, if not all, of IVF children are womb twin survivors,  but who mentions that in the medical literature?

What do you think? Are you an IVF child? Are any of your children IVF chidren?

Comments welcomed.

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