Monday, December 01, 2014

Who I am and why I am here.

Hello, I am Charlotte the new blogger for Womb Twin Survivors;
Recently I have discovered this company and the work it does for people who are womb twin survivors and the help they can potentially get from this charitable company. As a young student myself, I can understand and connect with the pressures that these people have to face throughout their everyday lives. I became very interested in what a womb twin survivor is and how I could potentially help and contribute my skills towards the progress in the charity. I came across this company when searching the web and exploring what I could do to further develop my skills, this includes both with the work I wish to pursue and the charity work I wish to continue to develop aspects of social skills.

As a media student I am very interested in publicity of new companies and promoting a company through advertising and use of social media. This is where my skills come in; I will be posting on this blog every week or two with information on what a womb twin survivor is, advice you or friends and family could get and where to go if more information is needed.

I think I could be a good asset towards the company because of the connections I can have with the people we help. I make a lot of my work; including my photography and film work, very personal to me. Somewhat linking to themes of depression and anxiety. Therefore, I can connect with the people we help and can be a kind of helping hand to anyone that could potentially need advice. I will always do my best to portray the work of womb twin survivor and any queries that come my way.
Furthermore, Become a member and support our organisation on both Facebook and Twitter for any more information you may need about me or the company!

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  1. Welcome Charlotte, how exciting to have your talent on board!
    Let's work toward getting a womb twin film made and entered at Cannes!
    Let's work on lots of things!!
    Onward in 2015...thank you