Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The question "There is at least one room (including shed or garage) in my home that is completely full of stuff" has produced an unexpected result. Surviving twins, whose twin was stillborn or died close to birth, are very likely to be hoarders, more so than other wombtwin survivors. Hoarders collect multiple, identical versions of the same kind of thing and gather the whole collection in their home and hold on tight, never to let go. Is this some kind of symbolic behaviour, related to not wanting your twin to be taken away? I put this question in because it was being mentioned quite a lot in the stories but it seems that there is a lot of hoarding going on, and it usually gets an A. Not a teeny weeny bit of clutter, like a glory hole under the stairs: this is a whole area of the home sacrificed to the stuff. Now I have over 200 forms returned the research is getting more and more fascinating!

A nice little break, thinking abut this. How back to data entry. Only 40 to go now.Then there will be silence while I analyse it all. More on this later.

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  1. This is very fascianting to surviving triplet (her two other triplets died in utero because of an incompetent cervix) is a massive packrat and hoarder and collector of things. Of course, her dad is also a collector, so it may be more from him than a survivor characteristic.

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