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Tributes to Althea Hayton

Althea Hayton, founder of Womb Twin, passed away peacefully on August 13 (sorry for the delay in posting this news on the blog). We are all ...

Monday, March 09, 2015

Are you a survivor?

When a mother is larger than normal in early pregnancy, that can be a sign that there are twins. If only one baby is born, that baby will probably be a womb twin survivor. In the days before the routine use of  ultrasound,  all we could know is that the womb is bigger than  it should be. Sometimes things can go wrong and something may happen to either the other baby or the mother to result in a part miscarriage, this means there has been a lost twin and the other will be a womb-twin survivor. Do you have any suspicions that cause you to think this has happened to you?

One way to find out if this is the case is to take a short quiz, the questions are pretty simple and can help you to find the missing pieces. Follow the link below to try and find out.

If this is proven unsuccessful and you still need someone to talk to and help you understand the full extent to your problems, there are books and poems you can read from Wombtwin, I will post some links and reviews of these books to help you get a hold of them. In addition, there is always someone available to talk to if further help is needed. Everyone here at Wombtwin is here to help you in your time of need. Any contact details needed can be found on both the website and the blog.
Thank you for reading.

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Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Maybe you’re a womb twin survivor?

So what is a womb twin survivor? Many people go through life without their twin that they grew with inside the womb, but didn’t get to live on outside. This means that Womb twin survivors are the sole survivors of a twin or multiple pregnancies. People placed within this category could be survivors from still-births, miscarriages, abortion and at times even a vanishing twin.

So what happens to the surviving twin? Throughout life there could potentially be something that you feel is missing from your life, this could be a broken bond or a void that just can’t be filled. Losing a twin can cause loneliness throughout life, although having other people for support there will always be that bond between you and your twin that you can’t fix. Having this feeling can trigger all sorts of emotions that can build and cause you to think differently to others around you; sometimes leading to depression and further illnesses. Although this is not always the case, there are still people here to help, people that have gone through the same feelings as you. If you would like to read more about the symptoms of a womb-twin survivor, please click on the video link below.

 Do you think you could be a womb-twin survivor? If so, there is so much guidance you could get, we could help you understand more about the situation you are in and guide you onto the correct path for you. To learn more about the subject and who is there to help you can subscribe to the organisation at  where there a range of leaflets and books that would help you through this experience.

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Monday, December 01, 2014

Who I am and why I am here.

Hello, I am Charlotte the new blogger for Womb Twin Survivors;
Recently I have discovered this company and the work it does for people who are womb twin survivors and the help they can potentially get from this charitable company. As a young student myself, I can understand and connect with the pressures that these people have to face throughout their everyday lives. I became very interested in what a womb twin survivor is and how I could potentially help and contribute my skills towards the progress in the charity. I came across this company when searching the web and exploring what I could do to further develop my skills, this includes both with the work I wish to pursue and the charity work I wish to continue to develop aspects of social skills.

As a media student I am very interested in publicity of new companies and promoting a company through advertising and use of social media. This is where my skills come in; I will be posting on this blog every week or two with information on what a womb twin survivor is, advice you or friends and family could get and where to go if more information is needed.

I think I could be a good asset towards the company because of the connections I can have with the people we help. I make a lot of my work; including my photography and film work, very personal to me. Somewhat linking to themes of depression and anxiety. Therefore, I can connect with the people we help and can be a kind of helping hand to anyone that could potentially need advice. I will always do my best to portray the work of womb twin survivor and any queries that come my way.
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Saturday, October 04, 2014

Tributes to Althea Hayton

Althea Hayton, founder of Womb Twin, passed away peacefully on August 13 (sorry for the delay in posting this news on the blog). We are all deeply saddened by this but she will rest in peace with the comforting knowledge that we will continue to reach out to womb twin survivors and keep the voice going.

Although new posts will be less regular, all of the information on this blog is still very useful. You can use the search engine to look for a particular topic.

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

You too might be a womb twin survivor - how to find out

 The research questionnaire  is still available, even though Althea no longer collects the data for research purposes.

Try it here

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

The IVF children: all womb twin survivors?

IVF has some strange effects of which we should all be aware.

An article here describes how fraternal win can develop inside the same sac, That is somethng that is normally characteristic of identical twins, but more common in IVF.  The effect of this is a shared blood supply, leading to blood chimeism and two types of blood can internix.
Blood group chimera may also cause confusion if a blood transfusion is necessary. Therefore, sufficient informed consent prior to ART and genetic counseling before/after birth are absolutely necessary for improved quality of life.  more....
 But most of all, most, if not all, of IVF children are womb twin survivors,  but who mentions that in the medical literature?

What do you think? Are you an IVF child? Are any of your children IVF chidren?

Comments welcomed.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

When the doctor wonders if there may be twins........

When a mother is larger than normal in early pregnancy, that can be a sign that there are twins. If only one baby is born, that baby will probably be a womb twin survivor. In the days before the routine use of  ultrasound,  all we could know is that the womb is bigger than  it should be.

Another sign is that yea Mum has a very large bulge at an early stage, but after a few weeks things suddenly change and the pregnancy seems normal from then onand the womb no bigger then expected. This change may also involve a sudden relief of morning sickness or an end to crippling fatigue.  All signs that a major change has taken place - ie where there were two babies, there is now only one.

In a twin pregnancy the uterus grows much faster and will be much bigger than in a singleton pregnancy. At 13 weeks, the fundal height may be around 20cm or so which  can make the pregnant woman seem fulrther along in the pregnancy that would be .

For example in 1975 Margaret  was only 12 weeks pregnant but had to move into maternity wear because her waist had expanded so much.   There were  no ultrasound scans then so the doctor had to carry out an internal examination if her uterus. " there is something there...."  the doctor said. Only one baby was born in the end, very large and difficult to deliver.  Many years later that baby was showing clear signs of being a monozygotic (MZ) womb twin survivor.  What proof was there that this may be the case? Only the size of her uterus in the first trimester, but perhaps that is proof enough.

In another case, Susan was at work when she became pregnant for the first time.  Being of an athletic build she did not show at first, but her pregnancy did become obvious to her workmates by 14 weeks or so.  She was off work with mastitis for a week and when she returned people asked: have you lost your baby?  This was not because she had been off work, but because she suddenly looked much smaller. The sole survivor of this pregnancy began to show signs of being a DZ womb twin survivor  (fear of abandonment, hypersensitivity) by the time he was two years old. What proof was there in this case? Only the sudden change on the size of her uterus, but perhaps that also is proof enough.

A very slim mother may show her pregnancy earlier than most and if she does have twins for the first trimester, various people, including doctors and nurses may suspect twins, but by the time of the first scan at 16 weeks, the twin conception has reduced to one baby - a womb twin survivor.

Monday, June 09, 2014

A book of womb twin survivor stories by chidren for children

"We are womb twin survivors...".

The new iBook for young womb twin survivors!  Free of charge and ready to read!


Now available in a format specially for the ipad and iphone. DOWNLOAD  NOW

Also available as a FREE  PDF ebook - read it here, or click this link.

Monday, June 02, 2014

Poetry for womb twin survivors

There are several poems on the web site, sent to us by womb twin survivors at various times.

Read  poetry now

And there is a book of Althea's poetry here as a PDF   (Free to members of Womb Twin)

Details and download

Example: Dead and Undead

In the dead heart of a small part
That lies somewhere in the back of my mind
There is a hurricane that roars endlessly, silently screaming -

In the still centre of the rage that does not speak
In the sharp cutting edge of unfeeling coldness
In the clamped, fettered silence
In the empty, desperate, jolly laughter
There is a body lying somewhere offstage

The people walk past it unseeing;
The birds peck at the eyes, uncaring.
I dare not look - for it is myself.
My eyes are blinded by crows,
My flesh falls raggedly crumbling - I am dead

My silent voice is screaming for compassion!
Rescue me and love me back to life!
Soothe my sore eyes with soft caresses
Teach me to live! I cannot live
Without you.


Monday, May 26, 2014

What is a twin?

When we see a pair of twins, are we looking at a pair of womb twin survivors? This may be the case more often than not, but no one is interested in doing any research into this!

(The old story : "How can it possibly matter what happens so  early in life?" Well, we know better.)

Here are twins in the making.......

The two survivors of  a triplet pregnancy where one fetus dies will be always considered as twins, but they are in fact triplets.

And it doesn't take surgery to reduce a multiple pregnancy to twins, any more than to reduce a twin pregnancy to one sole survivor. It happens quite naturally, as we know. They call it "natural wastage".

Any pair of twins may be the pair that lived, but how many died?

We must take a closer look at twin pairs and notice how many were once part of a multiple set.

And speak out against so-called "pregnancy reduction" wherever we have the chance...

Monday, May 12, 2014

Searching for something - but what?

 An article on the research web site corroborates the previous result from the questionnaire with over 800 people. In this case there  were only 15, but it interesting how the results are consistent, which ever way you lok at it....
First of all my main result is that this statement was significant and we can observe a tendency in the statements ìI have been searching for something all my life but I don’t know what it is.î It is an average result because it can be anything for example: loving extreme sports or going somewhere far away. However these statements did not show any significant results one by one. I think the reason for it that 15 womb twins are not enough to have more results. The reason of this searching is substituting the lost twin. Besides I think this searching is a very important result. In Althea’s questionnaire this statement stands in the second place (Hayton, 2009). So I can say that this special characteristic may describe the womb twin survivor population.

Comparing the womb twin group to the 99 people I have got significant result concerning the question of control and perfectionism.