Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Chapter 15: The lost twin in the Dream of the Womb

Many decades of research and exploration have revealed that an imprint of your time in the womb still remains, deeply rooted in the most primitive part of your brain.  In this book, this vague and ineffable impression is known as “The Dream of the Womb” for it cannot be described as a “memory” exactly.  In this chapter we will explore how a hundred years of studying the Dream of the Womb did not reveal the lost womb twins until we developed the technology to see into the womb.  Only then did we fully recognize that womb twin survivors have always had a lost twin – or more – in their Dream of the Womb.
    Like everyone else on this planet, you have a Dream of the Womb, which is constantly being re-enacted in your life.  Nothing in the world is more important than that - but you may not realize it yet.  Your Dream drives your choices, fuels your desires and controls your fears.  It is a strange place but everyone has a Dream like this.  It seems to be at the very back of your mind as deep and primitive as can be; yet at the same time it is just behind your eyes and creates a kind of prism through which you see the world and everything in it.  It is a memory of long ago, yet it seems to be happening right now. 

Your Dream was built as your brain was built.  The whole pre-birth experience is “hard-wired” into the neurones of your brain.  It is integral to your personality, written into your mind and seemingly inescapable. Your whole life so far has consisted of keeping your Dream alive.  If you are a womb twin survivor then the life and untimely death of your womb twin is in your Dream of the Womb and constantly re-enacted.  This imprint of Someone Else lies somewhere just below the lowest threshold of memory.  However, it has not passed out of sight and out of mind for all time.  There is evidence from womb twin survivors themselves that the imprint is always held in mind and expressed in the body, mind and spirit of the survivor as a kind of lifelong, coded message.  We now have the key to that code, thanks to ultrasound technology.

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