Friday, March 25, 2011

The message: (4) The womb twin survivors web site

At the beginning of this project in 2003,  I built a web site carrying as much information as I could about womb twin survivors.  This is still there eight years later and much, much bigger.  [See it here] The main idea was to create a place to which people might come who were searching for information about a twin lost before birth. It did not take more than a few weeks for the first person to contact me - a man from the USA who had recovered a sense of his lost twin during NMT therapy.

To this day, over 80% of the people who contact me are from the USA.  Of course the people I am reaching have internet access, and a personal computer, so that limits who I am getting to.

The questionnaire
I also created a questionnaire as an online form in 2004 ( that stretched my IT skills to the limit!)  That created a major attraction and also gave me contact details (unless the respondent decided to remain anonymous) and we could talk some more.  Today, life is quite different with all the new web applications, and things are more sophisticated.  We are on the sixth version of the questionnaire  ( now hosted by Survey Monkey) and 1100 people have completed it.   The Google analysis of the site shows that the questionnaire is the second most popular page.  [see it here]

The most popular page is "information".   This backs up the first principle of this whole project, which is to gather together and disseminate high-quality information about womb twin survivors and particularly the biological basis and medical facts about how a twin may die before birth.  Clearly, this information is badly needed. The first part of my book "Womb Twin Survivors" is a digest of some of this information, which required seven chapters to fully explain. Even then there were dozens more references I could have quoted.

The next most popular section is the articles.   Some are written by me, fully referenced but never published anywhere else, others have been sent to the web site by womb twin survivors, including Peter Bourquin.

My Womb Twin Survivors Project web site  will continue to develop as I  gather more and more information. The design has changed several times and  I have had to resort to tabs to help people navigate, for it is such a wide-ranging topic.

There are more than 600 million womb twin survivors in the world, (10 % of the population) so we have much more work to do to reach them all! In the meantime the 90% who  do not understand what I am talking about continue to put blocks in my way - but that is tomorrow's story!

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