Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Black Hole (2) Negativity

Is this how you feel?

There is a grey cloud with me always. It hovers just out of sight. It does not lie within me, but outside of me. It is Other. It is a brooding, silent presence of mystery, it is sadness and desolation. In it there is no hope, no joy. All my life I have tried to explain the cloud that haunts me by pretending it is part of me. I have walked a way of inner emptiness. I have quelled all desire and yearning. I have used all my inner strength for this sacrifice. I have surrendered all these things and handed over my life. I have become nothing, without feeling, without desire. I am grey. I have become the cloud.

Pride, is it said, is the father of all sin. I would put it differently: it is the father of all negativity. Pride is the deliberate concealment of shame by denial. This careful concealment is a fearful, rigid, negative and deadening place. Sometimes negativity is mistaken for something other than pride, but if we take a close look we will find pride there.

If you deny feeling shame then you are blinding yourself to the consequences of your actions. You may do this by pretending that the shameful thing you are doing (or not doing) isn't happening. Alternatively, you may pretend that the thing you are doing (or choosing not to do) is nothing to be ashamed of. Either way exposure is to be feared.

The concealment of shame by denial imposes a kind of paralysis. By adopting "standards" as artificial, rigid structures that must be maintained at all costs, it is possible to create a kind of "smoke screen" that conceals the shame beneath. This rigidity, maintained by fear of being discovered, acts counter to
change and personal progression. It soaks up personal power to the point where you are hemmed in by "musts" and "shoulds". Every path towards fulfilment is blocked by some rigid structure that you have
created for yourself.

If you are always trying to anticipate circumstances where you may be exposed so that you can take avoiding action, that takes up a whole lot of energy.! The first casualty in this war against imagined shadows is trust. Negativity is a deliberate choice. Given the chance to be positive about other people or the world, you probably refuse. Terrible things may happen if you are open, so its best to say nothing.

This negative place is lifeless and static. It creates a state of being "stuck”, but remember: your resistance to change has a very important meaning. This choice to remain helpless and out of control is created in your imagination. It is a sad, lonely and lifeless place with no escape. If you were once trapped in the womb with a dead presence that did not respond or change, then negativity is your way of life. You feel isolated and unseen. In your mind and heart there is a kind of hard, cold "spiritual deadness" that you are deeply ashamed of.

Are you stuck in a place of negativity?  Watch this and discover how you are deliberately keeping yourself trapped in a negative place.....

I wonder why you are doing this to yourself?

It can only be in order to keep alive your Dream of the Womb.

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