Friday, April 15, 2011

A healing path (6) Fostering the revelation of life


At birth there was more than just a breaking of waters: it was a parting of the ways. The path your womb companions took lead to death and destruction; the path you took lead to complete development and born life.  Only residual strands of survivor guilt stand between you and living your life to the full.  More and more self forgiveness will be needed, to break each of the guilty strands that tie you into the Dream.

The rewards will be coming thick and fast as you begin to realise that the riches intended for your life are available free of charge, just lying there unused, with your name on, and waiting for you to pick them up.   Step by step, inch by inch, you can take charge of these these gifts and powers and begin to use them for yourself and others.   You are on a journey towards a place of completeness you have always known existed but could never allow yourself to occupy.  It is towards a peaceful place of deep meanings and great goodness - that is your destination.

Life is a place where you are surrounded by un-conditional love but you did not fully realise this before.  The secret of real love is that it is very, very hard and painful.  You will never know what unconditional love truly feels like, until you give it away yourself in abundance, without counting the cost.   Practice random acts of kindness and senseless beauty: This idea even has its own facebook page!

Then the rewards come, for you find that your love arises out of a bottomless space inside you. The more you give, the more there is to give.  Love never runs out. It is always there. It is stronger than death.

This is the lesson I have learned: it is only when you let go of absolutely everything - when you are stripped bare, down to the bone, until you feel there is no more inside you to give - that you will begin to grow.  ( I learned that the hard way, on the Pilgrim Road to Santiago in 2005.  It took me 400 miles to learn, but I understood it in the end...) 

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