Saturday, April 16, 2011

A healing path (7) the love of equal sharing


Having found that bottomless well of love inside you, you will want to give it away, because that the way love works.  If you don’t want to give it away, its simply isn’t  love. The paradox of love is that the more it hurts to give, the better it will reward you. To give love is how to make it yours. The best way to give love is fifty-fifty. It is the love of equal sharing. It is the kind of love that philosophers have been advocating for years, and  as womb twin survivors we have already found it :- we had our first lesson long before we were born.

Womb twin survivors are hard-wired for equal sharing. If we look at how they love, they are a good model of that kind of love.  If you are a womb twin survivor, you have always known how love works. You were forced by Nature to spend your earliest days in the company of another similar human embryo, so you are hard-wired to negotiate your own space; guard your own boundaries while sharing space and everything that goes with it, in a mutual, negotiated, carefully-managed, empathetic, intimate relationship. That last may seem an unnecessarily complex description of getting along with people, but  I am sure you already realise it is the most difficult thing in the world to get right.

Sharing power
Personal growth is not just about getting clever or knowing more. It is also a matter of sharing and equality with other people. If you always share your power with others, then there will be flexibility and give and take in your relationships. If you chose to make equal sharing your master rather than some fantasy in your dream, then you will be more prepared to negotiate, cooperate and act with fairness and justice.  If you adopt a way of sharing, you will share everything you have with others and never seize or exploit more of those things that are held in common between people than is your rightful portion.

Claiming your entitlement
As you share with others, then you will be able to claim your entitlement. You will see to it that you have what should be yours, and be prepared if necessary to fight for it.  If another person should venture into your life to steal your space or exploit your good will, then you will complain.  Each human being is responsible for making sure that his allocation of kindness and love of others is  given according to his allowance.  If you see the weak being exploited, the your love of sharing will enable you to take up the fight on their behalf.

You will give where giving is due and expect your dues in return.  If you take more than you should from another in any way, you will be held accountable and must make redress.  In the love of equal sharing you will be totally involved in life while sharing gifts among your friends. You will cooperate readily with others to build a better world. You will not stand aside but join in with others and help them, asking for help in your turn. As you begin to play your full part in creation then you will see your inner self grow strong in the presence of others and in relationship to them.

This is how  and why womb twin survivors are very special people!

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