Saturday, April 09, 2011

The Womb Twin conference 2011 - all arranged!

Yes I know, there was no blog yesterday but I have an excuse..

I spent the day wrestling with web sites,  online payment portals and other such things and  I think I have ironed out most of the glitches in the online registration and payments for the next WombTwin annual conference, to be held in November.

It will be held in St Albans at the Pastoral Centre, which is on the edge of town surrounded by fields and woodland, and is a very peaceful place.

Who would want to come to a conference of this kind? Well, we have had womb twin survivors, of course, and also therapists who work with womb twin survivors, and  parents of womb twin survivors.  Also there are trainee therapists and counsellor who want  to learn more and some of our loyal supporters.  Some want to listen and learn others prefer  to be active, in workshops. Therefore we have two rooms:

A big room  like this:

And a smaller rom like this:

So we have a twin conference! Alpha and Beta!

How suitable.

We have pared the prices to the bone this year, so that everyone can afford to come:  £50 a head.

Tomorrow I will begin a focus for the next 6 days on the healing path for womb twin survivors. 

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