Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What is a womb twin? (2) a premature baby who died shortly after delivery

Prematurity is often fatal

It can happen that babies that are delivered too soon  are just not sufficiently developed to  survive. Mostly its because their lungs are too weak. They need intensive special care in the SCBU -  incubation, intubation and so forth -

Premature twins in an incubator

But sometimes one of the twins is just not strong enough  and dies,  while the other survives - a womb twin survivor.

If that is your story, you will have in your Dream of the Womb  a sense of another little person who was always nearby, but is now gone. Moreover, this was a little person who in the womb was once alive and responsive even from as early as 10 weeks.

The psychological consequences of this will be a sense of abandonment, bereavement, the loss of a dear intimate relationship - but did it occur to anyone to tell you? Were you premature but your parents kept quiet about the other twin to save your feelings?  The sadness and sense of loss may be real.

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