Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What is a womb twin? 6) A parasitic twin

If you have a parasitic twin attached to your body, then you are not a womb twin survivor but a twin pair, two people in one.  If your parastic twin has been removed, then you are a womb twin survivor.
One girl in India had eight limbs and the extra limbs were removed. ( watch the news here)

The surgeon discussed the forthcoming operation
She can now walk on her remaining two legs and she will be considered as a normal little girl and no longer some kind of a god or circus freak.
Lakshmi can now walk
But in the night when she is alone, will she feel a strange sense of only being half a person? Will she always have a sense of something missing?   This is the commonest character trait of womb twin survivors.
The 10 most common traits are now available as a simple starter quiz, to help people who have no evidence of a twin to find confirmation  of their lifelong feelings, that defy explanation  - until the idea of being a womb twin survivor makes sense of their whole life.

Not sure if you are a womb twin survivor or not? Try the quiz today.

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