Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Womb Twin Kids project update

Today we got back our internet connection, after  five days of silence!  So a little update on what is going on in my Womb Twin Survivors project.

I have Ben, a new wonderful volunteer, who is helping me to enter the thousands of pieces of data from 631 questionnaires into an Excel file for  statistical analysis, and we have made a start.  We will share the task and believe me, that is going to make a huge difference!  ( That will make a total of 1161 respondents!)

Also finally, and not without various adventures involving laminators and staple guns (not to mention a covey of extremely helpful librarians)   I put up a two week display for the womb twin kids project in the childrens corner of our local library:

The display of twins and womb twin survivors, using twin teddies  as illustrations

 The teddies seem to work well. For example, here are fraternal opposite sex twins:

We have a new logo:

Not to mention a new story book with wonderful colourful illustrations, about two little birds, who hatched out of the same egg...... 

Check out the web site, www.wombtwinkids.co.uk as it develops.

More tomorrow - 58 emails to answer now!

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