Thursday, June 02, 2011

Embryologists discuss the vanishing twins

European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology Annual Meeting July 3-6, 2011, Stockholm

Among the subjects to be discussed will be:
  • Large new study helps disentangle the relationship between maternal characteristics, IVF treatment methods and singleton IVF children
  • The "vanishing twin" phenomenon: can it explain congenital abnormalities in babies born after  IVF treatment?
  • Large study of outcomes after ICSI reveals factors that are most likely to affect chances of a live birth and risk of first trimester pregnancy loss
    One twin is doing well, the other is fading fast and will soon no longer be visible........

     Those IVF babies are a great source of information about the effects of losing a twin many months before birth!

    I wonder: is a "singleton" IVF child is one who was a twin or multiple but was born alone, or a single child, the result of the transfer of one embryo?

    If an IVF child is the result of one embryo and we can prove it and the IVF children who are the result of two embryos can also be proved, then we have a wonderful control group for a study of how .   I wonder if they think of doing this, after the conference is over?

    I will be emailing them today.... I am sure we can help, even if its just to put out a few leaflets...

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