Monday, June 13, 2011

How dizygotic twins develop in the womb : beautiful new artwork

On this page at the baby center, there is a series of pictures showing the development of dizygotic twins: This is the very start, at 3 weeks:

It is almost impossible to believe when you see these twins developing  that the twins do not have some kind of vague awareness of  each other.

I have found that dizygotic twins seem to recover and heal faster than monozygotic twins, but......
Their sense of loss is quite different. Rather than feeling like half a person, they feel abandoned. That figures. The twin OVER THERE is part of the Way Things Are, and  being accompanied  by another responsive little person  has been the usual state of things since the very start. If you are a dizygotic womb twin survivor, this experience is hard wired into your brain, part of your neural network. Of course, if your twin was miscarried, or died and stopped responding, that would leave you, as the sole survivor, with a sense of Someone Gone Away.

Children create imaginary friends or best friends to fill the space, adults get into co dependent relationships - all in search of a substitute twin to restore the original uterine status quo. .   This sense of being abandoned can be healed with the womb twin work, and I have explained how in the new book, "Womb twin survivors."

If you have read the book, do comment on how helpful - or not - this advice has proven to be for you.

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