Friday, June 03, 2011

On the BBC - and only one negative call!

Yesterday I went to the BBC Three Counties studios in Luton filled with nervousness which is unusual for me, as I like radio, but I was soon put at my ease, especially when I met the presenter.
He is Jonathan Vernon-Smith and he does a phone-in show.

You can listen to the programme online here ( my bit is in the middle)

The first thing that struck me was he seemed to look like a womb twin survivor at first glance ( don't ask me how, just a guess!!)  he then said he had done the quick quiz ( see link at the top left of this page if you want to do it)  and it said "probably" he is a womb twin survivor.

The question was "Should parents tell their child  about their lost twin?"  and he had the usual concerns that  this would put a burden of grief on the child and make then sad when it would be best not to know.  I pointed out that it is more of a relief than a sadness, and they know anyway.

The calls backed up everything I said until we got to the lady in Harpenden who made the usual sceptical response and called it a "load of tosh."  I reminded the listeners that this situation affects 10% of the population and therefore 90% of the population do not understand AT ALL, and she was evidently one of that 90%.

So please listen ( if you are in the UK) and let me know what you think.  Its always a great thing to get onto radio or TV - a rare event indeed but a great privilege, and that time I was not made out to be a freak by the presenter - phew!!

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